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Month: January 2022

Cold weather presenting some challenges, but the fish are active on the right tide and in the right depth; Tide times

If you have lived in South Florida for more than 20 years, you might recall that the colder weather conditions that we are now experiencing are more like what we

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Live Updates: Powerful Winter Storm Begins Pounding East Coast

Blizzard conditions were expected Saturday across parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Thousands of flights were canceled.

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Local hunter kills 900 lb. alligator in South Florida – WXXV News 25

A renowned hunter in Vancleave bagged the closest thing to a living dinosaur after putting down a 13-foot alligator in South Florida when it started troubling local livestock. Doug Borries, lying prone at a private lake in Florida, spotted the alligato…

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Coast Guard stops boat overloaded with migrants off the Keys

Federal agents say a man borrowed his friend’s boat last Friday and used it to pick up 27 migrants from Cuba to bring them back to the United States.

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Miami Beach won’t be ‘dictatorial’ in spring break messaging. It’s hiring influencers

The city of Miami Beach, which once warned spring breakers to “come on vacation, don’t leave on probation,” says it plans to roll out a more welcoming message this March when thousands of college-age tourists come to town.

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So long, Saturdays: More couples embrace weekday weddings

With venues backed up because of COVID-19 rescheduling, and more destination weddings again, 2022 is showing an uptick in weekday nuptials.

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Fly Fishing Show Running Today Through Sunday

This is the country’s largest fly fishing expo, and it’s right here in the Garden State, where it’s been, with changes in venue, since 1990.

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Florida Keys Fisheries & Economic Health Depend on Everglades Restoration

In a state renowned for idyllic vacations, Florida Bay – spanning more than 1,000 square miles between the tip of the Florida peninsula and the Florida Keys – is the cream of the crop. With islands…

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